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Our last day in America has been spent at the place where dreams come true – Disney World!!!

We were a little apprehensive at the start of the day that we’d chosen to go to a park targeted to little kids, but it turns out this was the perfect end to the trip!!
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Continuing on from last nights post…

HHN on Halloween was just something else! Our first stop was the haunted house they built for The Walking Dead. So creepy!!! I get the impression we were walking through sets from the show, and there were zombies popping out at us everywhere… The scariest part though was walking in to a room with strobe lightning effects and there was like 15 zombies all shuffling around in there and you had to squeeze past them!

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This morning we had our wake up call at 6am, courtesy of the Hard Rock Hotels ‘celebrity alarm’ phone call which was too cool – answering the phone at 6am with Simple Plan telling you to get your lazy ass out of bed!

We left our hotel and it was still dark outside, and we were kind of convinced we hadn’t even been to sleep! We couldn’t believe how busy it was even at 7am, lines everywhere!

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Heads up, this is going to be one rushed blog, as today we woke up at 7am and it is now 12:30, today has been non stop!!

We drove down to Orlando and couldn’t even keep track of what was going on ourselves. In the space of twenty minutes we had dropped our car off, gotten a taxi, checked in to the Hard Rock Hotel, and boarded a water taxi to universal studios. We got on this taxi and just said “…what has just happened??” Haha!

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