Is it really only day 4?? Feels like I’ve been here at least a week already!

The morning’s Megabus from Washington to Philly was surprisingly easy – 3 hour trip for about $3 each, talk about dirt cheap!!

Philly is like Washington in that it’s full of memorials and fountains that symbolise things like independence and all that jazz.


At lunch time we went in to this in-door market that was just surreal. SO many different foods under one roof, and so many neon signs. We sat at a table surrounding this big kitchen and had a roast pork sandwich literally dripping with meat. Not a nice phrase but it’s the only way to describe it!

We had a quick look at the Liberty Bell, explored some more, and then got changed and headed out for my favourite part of the day…

We went to a Barcade! A bar that’s filled with old arcade games from the 80s/90s!! Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Golden Axe, Double Dragon, Final Fight, Rampage… They had loads! We spent the whole night there, it felt like a place out of the Scott Pilgrim film. Even the toilets were cool, literally covered floor to ceiling in graffiti!




We walked home after one too many beers (drinking beers? Who am I?!) and saw fireworks along the Philly pier, and then a show of people dancing and playing drums randomly outside some fancy looking bar! Great night!


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