Finally I feel like I’ve had a day of eating proper American portions! Up until now we’ve always been too busy to eat properly for every meal… Not today!

We had breakfast at Sabrina’s Cafe. Oh. My. God. It was one of the highest rated places on Trip Advisor, and the long walk there followed by a long wait for a table was totally worth it. I got stuffed French toast with strawberries and a creamy cheese inside it.. I wish you could understand the scale from this photo.

The Waitress put it in front of me and just says, “Right…. Good luck.” It tasted absolutely amazing, but seriously however big you think it looks in that photo, double it!! I was going to refuse to be beaten, but left about two mouthfuls because I think if I forced them in I would have exploded all over the cafe.

After that we headed to the Eastern State Penitentiary and took an audio tour. Super interesting, but it’s just made me excited to see Alcatraz in a few weeks time! They even had their own escape attempt there where some inmates dug a tunnel in their cell.


After this we took a trip back in to the market from yesterday and tried a Philly cheesesteak sandwich. Honestly what’s the fuss there?! Yeah it was massive and nice, but I don’t understand why Philly is renowned for it really. Could get a very similar thing from Subway! (Clearly found my career-calling, I should be a food critic)

Finally tonight we headed in to town for a drink, and were SO tempted to go back to the Barcade but it was just too long of a walk to face. The heat here is killing us, thankfully it’s supposed to be cooler tomorrow. It was 35 degrees today, tomorrow we’re down to more like 25 supposedly! The weather keeps saying it’s supposed to rain but it never does.

On our walk back we felt a bit peckish (don’t know how after already eating 5000 calories at breakfast alone) so stopped in to a place that sold slices of pizza.

One slice won’t be enough, I thought. Play it safe and get two. ERM…


To put that in to perspective, that box is probably the size of a large Dominos pizza box. And two slices FILL it. Tasted amazing though.

Last full day in Philly tomorrow. For now, it’s time to drift off in to a food-coma!


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