Another day, another breakfast at Sabrina’s – just as delicious as yesterday! That place is definitely my top suggestion for anyone ever heading to Philly. After our man vs food breakfast, we headed to one of the weirdest museums ever.

The Mutter Museum – unfortunately photography wasn’t allowed inside! It was a collection of medical abnormalities and exhibits on the human body. (Mum I can practically hear you being cringed out as I type this!)

Inside was the world’s second-tallest human skeleton (I came up to his hips), a wall filled with skulls that had been donated to the museum, hands and feet preserved in jars (YUCK!), and no end of other gruesome stuff. So morbidly interesting, but definitely something that wouldn’t be for everyone!

Afterwards, we spent the afternoon strolling Philly one last time, and had a nice long sit down at JFK Plaza.

I couldn’t resist taking a dip in the fountain’s waters!



Then we went to Mac’s Tavern – I was waiting to find somewhere that would reference It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia! Loads of stuff on the menu and around the bar referenced the show. Another huge meal there. When I think back on Philly, I will definitely remember the food first and foremost.

And that’s it! So long Philadelphia. Tomorrow morning, it’s onwards and upwards to New York City!


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