Best day so far!! Aside from the fact I am pretty sure our hostel is the closest I am ever going to come to prison.

In stark contrast to our pretty nice hotels for Washington and Philly, here we are sleeping in a bunk bed with a single pillow each… And sharing a bathroom with an entire floor of people. Dirty. Definitely the worst part about New York… But no need to dwell on that!

We headed straight to Times Square when we got here and looked around places like Hershey’s World and M&M World:



Then we took a trip to Nintendo World, and my nerdy side was in Heaven! We played Mario Kart 8 for ages, and the store was full of Nintendo memorabilia. The entire back catalogue of Nintendo consoles in a museum section, big statues of the characters, etc.


Then we ate at Planet Hollywood, and decided on impulse to go and see Avenue Q after seeing it was massively discounted at the TKTS booth in Times Square. We were going to see Phantom of the Opera right on Broadway but it was going to be $200… Maybe later in the week.

Avenue Q was packed, and we had some of the greatest seats! Four rows back, right in the middle. It felt like they were performing just to us! I know I’ve seen the show years and years ago, but I’d forgotten so much, and seeing it again at this age literally felt perfect. I mean.. It’s a show about a 22 year old who finishes uni and has no idea what to do with his life!!! It’s literally a show about me!! I absolutely loved it. One of my favourite musicals ever!


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