Turns out New York can actually be kind of chilly at times! The weather here is so unpredictable! After a quick breakfast of a stack of pancakes, we headed off to the Subway.

I am amazed I managed to figure out the subway and actually got us on a train that was going where we wanted to go. We got off and hopped on a boat in Downtown to see the Statue of Liberty.


After that it was straight on to the Empire State Building, where we road 86 floors up to the observatory… And it was raining. Great timing to go up!



It was so windy I actually thought my phone was going to blow out of my hand and go over the edge!!

Me and Jen both have a new beverage obsession over here now too – McDonalds Hazelnut Iced Coffees!! $1 for any size you want (always a large), they are so nice!! I wonder how much they cost in England, because over here McDonalds is stupidly cheap.

Wondering what to do with our night and knowing we already have things booked for the next two, we decided on a whim to see another show. This time, one actually on Broadway – Phantom of the Opera.

You could definitely tell it was a much higher budget show than Avenue Q. We were in an enormous theatre and the sets were impressive, with huge chandeliers and things like that. As for the show though… Did NOT get the ending!!! It finished and I just turned to Jen and said, “……what?”

I thought I’d recognise more of the songs too. Nice to say that I’ve seen it, but I really wish I could have tempted Jen in to seeing Les Mis instead. I am still dying to see the live show of that!!!

Tomorrow it’s on to ‘Escape The Room NYC’ and a game of baseball. New York is busy busy busy!


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