What a day!!! After a big breakfast (Ruby Tuesdays has become our go-to food place in NY) we headed straight to a unique attraction we found on Google – Escape The Room. This. Was. Amazing.

There were loads of different ‘games’ to choose from – themed rooms you would be locked in. For example Victorian, Office Space, Secret Agent Room… We went with the ‘Apartment’ game.

Basically it was us and six other people who had booked to play the game – an American girl our age called Taylor, and a group of 30-something-year-old Geordies. We were taken to the ‘apartment’ and locked in. A huge timer on the wall started to count down from 60:00. We were told that throughout the game, we had 3 clues to use – which we could use by holding up a big sign saying ‘Help Us’ to one of the cameras all over the room.

It was so awesome!!! For example, one of our first bits of progress in the game was that I found a Chinese takeaway menu, and after a bit Taylor used her phone to call them. They answered with a message if we wanted our usual order of Shrimp Foo Yung. So, we looked at the menu and at the price of that dish, and that was the code to get in to the locked fridge!

It was SO difficult, we would find USB sticks in locked safes and have to find a laptop to get a clue from them, lift up rugs and find hidden areas under floor boards… The time went so fast, before we knew it there was only 5 minutes left. We knew we were close to getting out – the main lock on the front door needed 5 coloured keys and we had all but one. Alas, we failed!! Because we were so close, the staff came in and showed us what our final steps should have been. We left the room and had a team photo taken where we had to hold signs like ‘I’m with stupid’ ‘I failed’ etc… Thankfully not many people manage to escape by the sounds of it!! They should be e-mailing us that photo in the next day or two, which I’ll post here.

I wish we were in New York a little longer because I had so much fun, I’d love to do one of their other games.

After that, we headed to Ground Zero. The 9/11 museum was shut, and won’t open again until 12th Sept, so we didn’t get to go in there. But wow, their monuments were impressive!

There were two of these monuments, exactly the same, at the sites where the twin towers originally were. Those holes in the middle literally looked bottomless. All around the side of the monument were engraved the names of the victims – along with tributes from their families.

It was definitely one of the most impressive sights so far of New York, better than the Statue of Liberty.

There was also an amazing building that, because of the way it was built, looked like it just went on forever up in to the sky! It made my neck hurt!

After this it was time to see our baseball game! We headed to the subway and, upon hearing a friendly-looking Australian couple say the words ‘Yankee Stadium’, I pretty much launched over to them and asked if they knew where they were going. Subway friends!! We travelled with them to the stadium and got to our seats.


Despite not having a clue what was going on and essentially deciding that baseball = rounders, the atmosphere was great! A huge screen constantly showed the audience, quizzes, fun ads etc. Every time one of the players would hit a home run, music would boom and there’d be fireworks on the screen. It felt SO stereotypically American!

For now, it’s sleep time – still kicking myself that we didn’t manage to escape from that room!!!


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