This morning was spent strolling around Central Park – about time we went here after being in New York so many days!

And of course, the obligatory see-a-fountain-and-get-a-photo-of-me-sitting-on-it photo:

We spent hours there, I wish Sheffield had a nice park like that. Somehow the Botanical Gardens doesn’t quite compare!

After this we had a quick stop-off at Nintendo World again for another dose of Mario Kart fun, and then came across Lego World, too. They’d replicated the surrounding area in the shop in a small Lego model!

We took a walk to Grand Central Station, too.

Besides being impressive all by itself, it was great seeing the exact angle and being in the same place where my all-time favourite film, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, was filmed! On the way back we also stopped off at the Barnes and Noble store where Clementine works in the film, and where other scenes were shot. Geekiest paragraph ever but who cares!!!

Tonight we saw the Blue Man Group perform. I only remembered the ending with toilet roll dropping from the ceiling from seeing the show years and years ago. It was so good!!! Absolutely hilarious, so so weird, and just loads of fun. They’d play drums loaded with paint inside that exploded everywhere, get the audience doing rock concert moves, and as mentioned above, dropped roll after roll of toilet roll from the ceiling and absolutely drowned the audience in it. Really one of those kind of shows you have to see to ‘get’! It’s way too difficult to explain properly! Afterwards, I got to meet two out of three of the group!


And that’s it for day 10! On to the next one!!


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