Last full day in New York! Boooo. Started the day off with a trip to the history museum from Night At The Museum – what a huge place!



After that we wandered to Madame Tusaud’s, which is a place I totally don’t understand the appeal of but Jen was dying to go! At least there were some fun photo opportunities though!

Then we saw a Toys R Us and decided to go in and be big kids. This Toys R Us was so massive it had a Ferris wheel inside it!! How could I walk past this Minion and not get a photo with him?


After that we had dinner at Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Factory. Sooo nice!!

Then we headed to a bar we had walked past quite a few times – called Times Scare. SO much fun. We sat up at the bar and had a couple glasses of wine from a girl behind the bar who I swear was a Kat Dennings lookalike! Then we had the courage to go in to their haunted house… At least we thought we did!

We went in with an American couple, and it was so theatrical! We went to a sort of check-in area at the ‘hotel’ and were greeted by some zombie-looking guy, shown to our room, then left alone to wander through the house… SO creepy! Banging doors, people jumping out at us, flashing lights… The ending was by far the most terrifying part though!

Somehow I ended up at the back of the line as we were walking, and I look behind me and see some short girl covered in blood in a dress walking right behind me holding something… So I yelp and tell the others but try to just ignore her as we go down this hallway… Until I realise what is in her hand and hear a bloody chainsaw rev up!!!!

I screamed and the second we all heard the sound it was pretty much every-man-for-himself haha, charging through the last few rooms with the buzzing sound behind us, then bursting through the ‘exit’ door. Phew!! So much fun!

After that we heard a comedy show was starting in the bar soon too, so we stuck around and got a few cocktails! The show started, which was pretty much a live version of Whose Line Is It Anyway. 6 comedians all having to do improv with scenes we would shout out in the audience. They were actually so good at thinking on their feet, it was really impressive! The show ended and as it was such a small place the comedians came around and spoke to us individually, it was a great atmosphere! Wish we had gone there sooner!

That’s all for New York! Onwards to Boston!


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