12 days in and we have the first day that feels like a waste! We grabbed our last breakfast in New York and hopped on the five hour bus to Boston at 12:00.

Arriving at our hotel just before 6, I made the stupid mistake of getting in to a taxi without a meter! Hello expensive ten-minute ride. Never again! (I hope)

But that aside, IT IS SO NICE TO BE IN A PROPER HOTEL AGAIN!!!! Goodbye squeaky bunk bed. Goodbye shared bathroom. Goodbye dirty hallway. Hello double beds, coffee in our rooms, and a spacious ensuite!

We went for dinner at a pizza restaurant that has been visited by celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio and had a queue outside the door to get in. Very nice pizza but, pizza is pizza. Don’t really understand the fuss there!

The one thing we’ve immediately noticed about Boston is the accent. It sounds so common, definitely not one of the nicer American accents! Everyone sort of sounds like they belong in the mafia a little bit.

Early night tonight ready for a day of exploring Boston tomorrow. In the mean time, here is our picture from Escape The Room NYC:


Yep, it’s awful, I’m squinting like mad, but whatever! Also our American team mate our age is missing because she didn’t want to have her photo taken, pfft!

If I ever get the chance to play again, I’ll make sure to be holding a success sign instead!!


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