DAY 13: ZZZZ….

I don’t know whether it’s just the contrast coming from a place like New York, or the fact there really is nout to do in Boston, but wow has today been slow!

Crossing a huge bridge across the Charles River to get in to the main part of Boston from our hotel is pretty, and the harbour sure is nice to sit and just look out on.

Aside from this though, Boston actually feels like it could be a little English seaside town rather than somewhere you’d find in America.

One cool thing it has though is the Freedom Trail: a three mile stretch of red bricks in the pavement that runs all around the city, leading you on a self-guided tour of Boston’s most historical sites. Me and Jen walked what we could of it, but at over three miles long, didn’t make it all the way around!

We wanted to go on speedboats that we saw advertised today, but typically the place was shut when we got there! So today has literally been a day of wandering around the city and eventually eating at a restaurant on the pier. …then a night spent washing our clothes in the bath! Thrilling. How did people cope without washing machines in the olden days?!

Oh, and Boston’s cool river breezes completely tricked me today. Hello sunburnt face! I was wondering when I would meet you.


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