This morning we took a ferry to the town of witch-trials: Salem, Massachusetts! Yes, I spent pretty much the entire day quoting Hocus Pocus! We walked past the high school from the film too, apparently. (One of many facts we were told on a trolley tour of the town, where our tour guide sounded exactly like Mayor Quimby from The Simpsons!)

Salem absolutely runs on witch tourism. There were like three different witch museums, houses, people dressed up as witches on the street, and every other building was a magic/psychic shop, with pretty much every where offering tarot card fortune readings. I was so tempted to get one, but decided to hold off until we get to one of the world’s capitals for stuff like that, New Orleans! It’s a quirky town, but if I lived there I would be SO sick of witch-talk!

Also, further proof that America LOVES their water features:


I’m starting to think it’s illegal to have a town without a little fountain or something over here.

We took a quick tour of one of the Witch museums while we were there, and learnt about the hangings and other methods so-called witches were executed with in the 1600s (one poor dude was ‘pressed’ to death. It’s exactly what it sounds like.)

Our boat back left at 4pm, which was a shame really because we could have spent even longer wandering around the town! I had one last look out at the pier before we boarded our boat back.


Don’t be fooled by Jen’s seemingly deep photography here, I’m not having any profound thoughts looking out at the sea! Pretty sure I am thinking ‘I want a burger’ and ‘I could really go for a nap right now.’

We got back just after 5 and after a while, grabbed dinner at a Mexican restaurant. We can tell Boston is a less-touristy place, because the amount of Americans commenting on our accents has increased dramatically! I count four people today who have asked where I’m from and about my trip: taxi man, tour guide, Starbucks employee, and the waitress at dinner!

Anyway, that’s it for Boston now. Tomorrow it’s time for our first in-country flight to Chicago!


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