Okay, so Chicago is pretty damn cool! It’s hard to grasp how far across the country we’ve travelled today on a plane. Also, Google Maps is definitely the best invention ever. No city’s confusing subway system is a match for it – we just put in where we want to get to and we’re off! Genius!

Right around the corner from our hotel is this fountain that creates a permanent rainbow!

Then a quick walk up the street got us to millennium park. We could hear loud music and cheering, and in the middle of this field they were having a welcome ceremony for new students at Chicago University! We’re talking cheerleaders, trumpets, animal mascot costumes… Sheffield uni would never go all out like that!!

We found Cloud Gate and about 10000 people taking photos in the reflection of this thing:


Then we wandered in to some place that looked nice for dinner. Erm… Safe to say we looked so out of place!!! Even though the prices were totally average, all the staff were fully decked out in suits, bow ties… Candles everywhere, it was like we were on a bloody date!!! And the staff were so on-the-ball it was surreal. I literally couldn’t take a sip of my water without a guy coming over five seconds later to refill what I had just drank. We played a game of trying to get as far down our drink as we could before they refilled it, and never made it any further than half way!!

We found the main theatre area, and I think if there’s anything decent on we might give a show here a chance some night. For now, I had to grab a photo here!


Then we made such a good impulse decision! A night that really won’t come across as funny and good as it actually was over text!

So we loved this awful American reality show called RuPaul’s Drag Race where drag queens compete to be named America’s best. It was like the cringiest, bitchiest show ever but it was so hilarious at the same time. Think of the worst popcorn TV ever that’s so bad but you can’t stop watching, and you’re getting close to what RuPaul was. Anyway, we wander past this bar and look who is due to perform tonight… Only our favourite drag queen from the series!

So we go, and the ‘stage’ is like a little box right in front of us. The room feels about the size of a big living room. After a bit of standing around and wondering what on earth we were doing there, out comes Adore Delano.


She (he?) was SO funny!!! And even more surprisingly, such a brilliant singer. Even though when you closed your eyes, yeah, clearly a man singing. But honestly, she was hilarious, from constantly drinking from both her own drinks and audience members until she was clearly a bit tipsy…

…burping in to the mic, forgetting how her own songs go but going along with it anyway, and then eventually extending her set by like 4 more songs because the audience were cheering so loudly (and she was that drunk I don’t think she cared what time it was)

She ended up doing covers of Lana Del Rey, Amy Winehouse and Nicki Minaj, then pretty much had to run off stage because she had gone over her time so much.

Brilliant snap-decision, and a great first day in the Windy City!


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