So this was my breakfast this morning:


Banana and cream pancakes. Whilst the first few bites were amazing I quickly realised I had made the biggest mistake ever – SO sickly, I felt unhealthy and like a 30 stone whale pretty much right through until lunch time!!

We had a major trek to find Lincoln Park, during which time we noticed that when you don’t want a Starbucks, there’s one on every street corner, and when you are desperate for one, they’re no where to be found.

The actual park itself, as it turns out, was pretty much lots of grass. Oops. But we got some nice views on the way!



After this huge trek we went back to the hotel and collapsed for a couple of hours (even in America, making time for naps occasionally is essential!)

We grabbed a dinner of fish and chips, clearly missing England a bit there, and then headed to Chicago’s 360 tower. Impressive views from the 94th floor!


Then, while we were there, we went on ‘Tilt’, a pretty new attraction that I didn’t think sounded scary in the slightest. …WRONG!

So you stand on this ledge with a floor-to-ceiling window in front of it and two bars to hold on to either side. The ledge starts to slowly tilt forwards, further and further, and you go with it.. Looking down on to Chicago’s streets from 94 floors up.

Even writing this it doesn’t sound too scary. But as the ledge was tilting forward all I could think was oh my God, this is a new attraction, what if it’s not stable, should it be tilting this far?! Pretty damn scary!!! I got off and my palms were sweaty as! Suddenly I’m more apprehensive of the rides on top of the Stratosphere hotel in Vegas…


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