Today was a day of excellent food and another unique experience! First, an amazing breakfast of French toast with berries. Mmm-mmm! Then we headed out on a river tour of Chicago.

When we boarded and were greeted by an old bearded guy saying he would be talking to us about Chicago’s architecture for the next 90 minutes, not gonna lie, me and Jen gave each other a look that said ‘what are we doing here.’

But it was actually really interesting, and Chicago’s sky scrapers are definitely better (i.e cleaner) than New Yorks!


Chicago also wins the award for weirdest water feature so far:


We had an amazing dinner at a Thai/Chinese restaurant – spicy beef skewers for starter followed by Chicken curry! Actually one of the nicest curries I think I’ve ever had!!

Then the main event of the day (night). At half 8 we headed in to this building I’m pretty sure is full of drama/music university students, to a room on the 6th floor, to be trapped in a room with a zombie. We found it online and after having so much fun at Escape The Room NYC we decided we had to give this a go!

So we walk in, and our team is me and Jen, a couple who I think were on a date, and two black lesbians (no this isn’t the start to a joke, that’s genuinely our team)

We write our names on some name tags, get told the rules, and are lead in to the room through this door:


And it’s empty in there save for furniture. I’m thinking, OK, where is this zombie then… Team mate Alex wanders over to a wardrobe, opens it, and out bursts the zombie pretty much making us all crap ourselves!

The way it worked is, we had one hour, and the zombie was chained up inside the cupboard. Every five minutes, a buzzer would sound and his chain would extend a foot in length. So we had to solve riddles and puzzles all while trying not to get eaten by the zombie – if he touched us, we were ‘infected’ and had to sit in a quarantine area and were effectively eliminated.

Even though it was a game, I was absolutely bricking it when, for example, I’m crawling underneath a desk to put a battery in a slot while one of my team mates distracts the zombie so he can’t get me.

Thanks to some amazing distraction work from one of our team mates, I am glad to say that this time we succeeded, and with 8 minutes to spare!! None of us got eaten, either! The creator seemed dead impressed with us (pun intended) as a team of six managing to make it through with so much time left, as normally the game is played in teams of 12!


Great last night in Chicago. Tomorrow it’s time to fly to Las Vegas!! $$$$$$$



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