Today’s lunch at Chicago airport was a colossal mistake. From now on I will play it safe when getting Chinese… I tried to be adventurous and got some chicken dish that blew my brains out! I’m sat there in the middle of a food hall, bright red, coughing after each mouthful and wanting to drink about ten gallons of milk. Whoops!

But anyway, after that mis-step it was on to Las Vegas!


I’d totally equate staying in the Circus Circus to Butlins, the lobby is just madness, but our room is nice enough and that’s the most important part!

We started exploring straight away, I had forgotten just how massive Vegas is! I also find it surreal how much it treads the lines between tacky and glamorous. The Bellagio fountains, the Eiffel Tower replica, Caesars Palace, are all incredible, but then on the streets you have dirty old women flinging cards for prostitutes at you and drunk tramps talking to themselves.

I love it when the inside of the hotels have a sky painted on the ceiling, and sometimes you forget you’re inside a hotel at all!


We walked down The Strip and decided each hotel pretty much has its own Meadowhall inside! Then we eventually came to the New York New York… And Jen convinced me, in the spirit of saying ‘yes’ in America, to go on the roller coaster!

I mean seriously… It was night so I couldn’t get decent photos, but just google the roller coaster. Loops, twirls, dips… All outside amongst fake skyscrapers of New York City. Safe to say I had the world’s worst cotton-mouth in the queue, but I’m so happy I did it! Ignore the fact I had to shut my eyes when we went upside down on the loop… The views at the top were AMAZING, it was so great doing it at night and seeing all of Vegas lit up! I thought I’d come off the ride shaking like Bambi but I actually kind of wanted to ride again. Fun!

After that we headed to the Bellagio’s casino and played a bit of blackjack – I managed to leave so that my ride on the roller coaster was free. We may not be talking big bucks but I kept thinking the more sensible I am now the more I can let loose and not feel as guilty on Gary’s stag do!!


We had a trek back to our hotel, during which time Jen described the pain in her feet as ‘like walking on trays of lasagne’ which was just killing me with laughter, and finally, at 1:30am, I’m ready for sleep!

Totally apprehensive about how hot it’s going to be tomorrow. And about how much I’m going to spend. And about how much walking we’re going to be doing. Eep!


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