Two Americans fascinated with Brit voices spoke to us over breakfast this morning and re-assured us that driving in the States is easier than in the UK. I hope so! We had a quick look around Paris, I won my breakfast back with a quick hand of Blackjack (booming!) and then we hopped on the Deuce bus to the Stratosphere hotel.


At the top of that are three thrill rides. Yeah. I was terrified. Again.

We took the lift up to the 108th floor and were greeted by amazing (and again, terrifying) views:


We had paid to go on one ride, and after much convincing from Jen, I was persuaded to go on X-Scream. Basically a row of chairs that are launched over the edge of the building, pulled back, launched again, etc. Do a YouTube search for ‘X-Scream Las Vegas’ and you’ll see the ride and probably be able to understand why my palms were drenched in nervous sweat as we sat in the chairs waiting to be launched off for the first time.

But again, like with the roller coaster, I was so happy I took the opportunity and went for it!

After this we had a couple of cocktails in the observatory on the 107th floor to recover (didn’t want to drink them before the ride as they would blatantly not be staying inside my body)

Then we headed to Fremont Street and I had the weirdest dining experience in the States so far, and potentially of my life: we took a trip inside the Heart Attack Grill.

Home of the world’s highest calorie burger (9,982 calories) this restaurant actually had to have a big sign up on the door saying it was not approved by the Government because it was so unhealthy.

Inside, the restaurant is themed like a hospital. You have to wear a hospital gown, given to you by the doctor. You get a patient wristband on. Your waitress is a nurse. The menu has things like the ‘double-bypass burger’ on. This went up to the Octuple-Bypass burger, an 8-burger meal. We went with the single-bypass!


The drinks here were even more fun. Wine would be served in an IV bag, vodka shots came in syringes, and mine and Jen’s daiquiris came with a free shot of rum (that was actually the equivalent of three regular shots) inside a pill bottle:


This place was just surreal. If you couldn’t finish your meal, you were spanked by a nurse with a paddle in front of the whole restaurant. Thankfully this was optional!!! But we saw a few people have it done to them and it was just hilariously bizzare, seeing the entire restaurant cheer, clap, and laugh at some guy getting smacked for not finishing his hot dog.

We headed out, played a few games of roulette which were lucky for me, and caught the Fremont street light show:


..and then finally headed back to our hotel, with the intention of having a quick breather and then going back out for a bit of gambling! But it’s 11pm, Jen’s passed out, and my feet will cry if I take a single more step, so I think that is it for today!



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