And so the car rental begins!! The day got off to a lovely start when we were told to pick any car we wanted out of a row… We get in one, put our bags in, change our mind because it seems a bit too big, get out…
Where are the car keys? Inside.
Where are our bags? Inside.
Oh, it automatically locks? Great.

So after having to get the rental place to get a guy to come break in to the car for us in order to get our stuff back (oops) we picked the actual car we wanted and off we went.

I drove first and was actually surprised how easy it was! Our first stop was straight to Walmart to buy a Sat-Nav – best invention ever!! It makes the driving seriously so much easier.

Check out our pimpin’ ride!


Off we went to Death Valley. It was seriously awesome driving deeper in to the desert, and chuffing boiling! The temperates were in the 40s!



Cruising along the desert roads to Calvin Harris ‘Summer’ and Sia ‘Breathe Me’ just felt too cool! Eventually we made it to Furnace Creek Ranch, our place for the night. It’s like a tiny tiny town. They have their own little post office and general store, a couple of restaurants, and that’s it. We reckon the staff must stay working here for at least a few weeks at a time, it’s literally in the middle of no where!

We had a quick look at an observation point near to the ranch and snapped some photos.


Then we had dinner at the restaurant which was seriously tasty, and upon leaving took a few steps out of the ranch to see Death Valley at night. Erm maybe not. Total pitch black, you can’t see a thing! But then you look up and it’s crazy how clear the night sky is. I wanted a picture but it just doesn’t show up on my camera!

Now, we’re getting an early night with the hopes of waking up to see the sun rise here tomorrow!


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