This morning we got a buffet breakfast at the ranch and oh my gosh, I have missed cereal so much!!! After three weeks of most breakfasts either being skipped or consisting of bacon and French toast, it’s so nice to have something totally different!

We left the ranch and travelled down to an observation point in Death Valley called Dante’s View. After loads of winding roads in the boiling heat, we made it there to a spectacular view!



After that, it was time to drive to our next destination: Mammoth Lakes, four hours away on the sat-nav! And after a wrong turn, four hours became more like five. Whoops!

The drive may have been absolutely exhausting, but it was pretty cool coming to roads with absolutely nothing around for miles.



We were driving up and down huge mountains, at one point we passed a sign saying we were 7000ft above sea level!

Thankfully I’m pretty sure this was our longest single drive we’ll be doing on the trip.

At 5:30 we finally made it to Mammoth Lakes and checked in to our accommodation – the Sierra Nevada Lodge. What a nice place!!! It’s like we are staying in a cabin!

Tonight we’ve just had dinner and had a quick look around the area. Tomorrow it’s time to explore the nearby national park – Yosemite!


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