Ok so in the last three days I’ve seen Death Valley, Dante’s View, and now Yosemite… We were walking along today and I suddenly thought, this is so different to the cities we’ve been in so far on the trip!

It was a 45 minute drive to Yosemite, and then in the park itself you pretty much had to drive to each point of interest as the place is so huge. But I LOVE driving here! It’s terrifying driving up a mountain and seeing a sign saying ‘elevation: 9000 feet’, then looking over and realising you are driving on a cliff side with no barrier whatsoever… But it’s also SO exciting and fun! I must have driven for about four hours today but it never felt like a chore!

Anyway, on to some pictures:




On our journey through the park we kept seeing signs for various lakes that were 2.5-5.5 miles away you had to walk to. Naturally, being lazy 22 year olds we kept holding out for a shorter walk! Eventually we found signs for a hike to Dog Lake 1.2 miles away. That’ll do!

I’ve never felt like I was in the Hunger Games or Tomb Raider so much walking through the forest to get there! Proper up hill hiking!


Also, completely terrifying that in our map of the park was a huge page talking about how bears live in Yosemite and how to act if we encountered one. There were signs everywhere telling you to lock your food away and stuff like that. The map said if we found one we had to group together, make ourselves look big, and make lots of noise to intimidate it.

Erm, pretty sure if I found one I would either collapse in to a ball on the floor or run away flailing my arms screaming. Thankfully I didn’t have to find out how I would react!

Eventually we made it to the lake:


I had to be cocky and get a photo standing on top of a log that was reaching out in to the lake. Proud to say I did not fall in after this was taken:


Finally at about 5ish we headed back to our hotel, grabbed a Mexican dinner, and decided to go and see a film at the local cinema because there wasn’t much else to do there at night. We saw Maze Runner – pretty decent! I’ve had the books for a while but never read them, a little more tempted now though! The cinema staff asked how their cup sizes compared to that of England’s. Basically, their small is our medium, their medium is our large, and their large is massive!

That’s it for the day now! Leaving Mammoth Lakes tomorrow and driving on to Lake Tahoe.

Oh also… It’s SO cold at night!!!!!! BRRRR!



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