So after the sat-nav took us to a closed road and added 45 minutes on to our journey this morning, we eventually made it to Lake Tahoe! Also, turns out Lake Tahoe is a lot bigger than I thought it was!

We’re in the car and I have Google Maps zoomed in and haven’t really looked around properly, and for a good five minutes I was convinced this little bit of blue was Lake Tahoe:

Eventually as we are lost, I zoom out to try to get a better look and realise…

Haha, oops!!

We checked in to our hotel and headed straight to the beach. Brrrr!


We’re literally on the line between California and Nevada right now, and we can tell we’re more on the Nevada side as we are surrounded by casinos!

Lake Tahoe looks nice, and there’s stuff we can do tomorrow like ride cable cars up the mountain, but I do wish it was warmer! I’ve realised I’m never happy with the weather, because when it’s hot I wish it was colder! I also think I’m missing the cities a little bit, I’m looking forward to getting to San Francisco in a few days!

We had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, where a waiter genuinely thought Jen’s passport she used as ID to get a cocktail was mine!! Hahahaha, poor Jen! So awkward!

After that we had a bit of a gamble, but I literally just floated about the same amount of money and ended up not spending anything. Then we went to a comedy show which was a way to pass some time but nothing great.

We headed back to our hotel and acknowledged how much Lake Tahoe, and our hotel, looks like the setting of a horror movie!! There’s clouds covering the tops of the mountains, creepy wooden houses along the beach, our hotel hallway looks like something from The Shining,and not only does the outside of our hotel look like the one from Vacancy, it is even complete with the sign:

Eep! Thankfully our room is pretty nice, but horror films could definitely be set here! It has that eerie kind of ‘too perfect’ vibe going on at times.

Hopefully tomorrow will be nice and clear for us to go on the cable cars and get some nice views!


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