So I definitely didn’t expect Lake Tahoe to be anything like this, but today was such a great day! We walked in to town and realised that on top of the mountain we were walking to was… Snow?!


So we bought tickets to go up to Heavenly Mountain on the cable cars, and were told we should probably buy a coat… Best advice ever!

We hopped on a cable car, and started going up… And up… And up…

Safe to say we were not prepared for the amount of snow up there!




We grabbed a hot chocolate up there and hung out in the lodge at over 10,000 feet above Lake Tahoe, before eventually heading back down!

We dried off at the hotel for a bit (my feet were FREEZING!), grabbed a dinner at one of the casinos and saw a nice view of the lake from their 18th floor.

Then that’s about it for Lake Tahoe! On to Sacramento tomorrow.


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