After driving two hours in horrible rain and pretty much feeling like we were back in England, we eventually made it to California’s capital, Sacramento!


We were expecting a bustling city, but actually, this place is dead! There’s barely anyone around really. We walked to ‘Old Sacramento’, which was a little busier than the centre of the town, and was pretty much like being in a Western film! Wooden boardwalks, horses and carriages, tiny shops and bars… It was pretty cool.

We headed in to a salt water taffy shop filled with barrels full of the stuff, and got a bag each.


They had every flavour imaginable of this chewy taffy stuff. Cupcake, watermelon, cheesecake, bubblegum, peanut butter, rum, hot chilli… Everything! The first one I had tasted pretty nice, but after 3 I just felt so unhealthy and disgusting! Blegh!

While we were in Old Sac we also went to a huge costume shop called Evangeline’s Costume Mansion. Pretty much a whole floor dedicated to masks… Yikes!


I had to try something on while I was there, didn’t I? So, naturally…


We had dinner at a restaurant by a river, and, what else is there to do in a sleepy place at night besides have some cocktails?! I’m developing a taste for sangria out here!

On to San Francisco tomorrow, looking forward to getting back to some hustle and bustle!


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