This morning we drove our car to San Francisco and returned it to the rental agency with dangerously low fuel (they said we could return it empty, and so we did!!) it already feels weird being without a car! Thankfully we pick another up in a few days time.

We had a wander around the shopping/financial district and found a shopping centre with probably the most escalators I have ever seen together at any one time:



Then we walked towards the piers…


And eventually found the seals at Pier 39, and all sorts of attractions around Fishermans Wharf. We got lost in a mirror maze, looked at a load of chocolate shops, and played this ‘7D’ (swear they’re making that up) game. We had to strap ourselves in to these chairs and wear 3D glasses, and were given a gun, and this huge screen in front of us would show us a scene, for example a zombie invasion, and we had to shoot at the screen and try to get as many points as possible while our chairs were jolting back and forth and things were flying out at us from the screen. It was a lot of fun!

We also looked around an old arcade and spent ages playing games like Puzzle Bobble and Pac Man!

Then we had dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. SO cool! The whole place is themed like a rainforest (obviously). We ate our dinner with a fountain beside us, mechanical animals all around, and fish tanks too.



The fake animals were constantly moving and making noise, and every half hour there would be a ‘thunder storm’ – all of the animals would move at once, the lights would start flashing, and there’d be a mini thunder storm for a couple of minutes. Too cool!

After that we trekked back to our hotel – I no longer would describe Sheffield as ‘hilly’!!!! San Fran is MUCH worse!

Absolutely knackered now, but totally can’t wait to see Alcatraz tomorrow.


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