Yesterday we took a ferry over to Alcatraz and explored the prison!


The visit was just as interesting as I remember it, hearing about the escape attempts and the kinds of things prisoners had to do… Very cool!

The prison cells also totally reminded me of some of Sheffield’s more budget-friendly student halls!


We got some nice views of San Francisco while we were there too, and on part of the island was some art exhibit made out of Lego that was pretty decent!



The trip took up a lot more of the day than we thought, and when we got back to San Fran we headed to a discount ticket booth hoping to get tickets for a play to see at night, but everything was sold out! It was such a trek getting there we then had like an hour and a half walk back to our hotel, which took us to 6:30, so then we pretty much just had dinner and chilled out for the night. Got to say our hotel is in a bad location, we have such a trek to get anywhere! Annoying!


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