Well the last 24 hours have certainly been eventful! Yesterday we did a bus tour starting with driving along the Golden Gate Bridge.



Then we went to Sausalito, a rich town just outside San Francisco where all the wealthiest people live – including, up until recently, Robin Williams. Poor guy.


After this our bus took us to Muir Woods, an enormous forest. While there we saw wild deer so closely!


We also did a hike that just kept on going up… And up… And up… And up… Literally some of the most painful walking I think I have ever done, SO exhausting! And at the end of this ‘Ocean View’ hike, what do we see? No ocean, that’s for sure!!


It was so tiring, we were absolutely knackered when we finally got back to San Francisco!

Then we decided last night was the perfect night to have a bit of a drink, as we had no plans the next day and no car to worry about. ‘A bit of a drink’ is an understatement…

We had dinner and went straight out for cocktails at a bar. Then we headed to a club, and saw San Francisco’s brand new rainbow crosswalks that have only been up a few days!


Now the night is just a blur. There was dancing. There was a lot of drinking. There was even more drinking. I woke up the next morning and realise my phone is missing! What a nightmare!

I thought I stood no chance of getting it back. All my photos, gone! Lee text his number to it in the hopes that someone might find it and ring him. And by some miracle, Lee gets a phone call from a guy called Slavo who has my phone. How lucky am I!!!

We arranged to meet outside my hotel later in the day, and just like that, I had my phone back! I made sure to give him a Starbucks gift card as thanks for completely making my day.

He said he was about to wash his trousers from the night before and heard a thud as he put them in the washing machine, only to find my phone in his pocket!! What the hell!!!! Such a close call. He also reminded me of spilling drinks all over the bar and other stupid drunken acts. Whoops.

Safe to say I will not be having a ‘big night out’ in America again!! But on the bright side, I have had some crazy luck and now have this story to tell!

Aside from that, today we also went and saw the house from Mrs. Doubtfire, which as it turns out is just a short walk from where we are staying. There’s a tree outside it, and all around the tree it is covered with messages from fans and memorials for Robin Williams.

Now it’s 6pm, and I think we’ll just grab some dinner and come back to the hotel to sleep and leave this hungover day behind us!



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