This morning we had one last visit to the Santa Cruz beach..


..Before making an impulse decision to head to San Jose, 40 minutes north of us, to visit the Winchester Mystery House. I say house, better to describe it as a mansion instead!

This place was huge, around 160 rooms, including 6 kitchens, 13 bathrooms, and over 40 bedrooms. But the mystery lied in how the house was laid out. Built by Sarah Winchester on farm land, this mansion had doors that opened out to brick walls, windows on the floors, staircases that lead up to ceilings… It was surreal!

Supposedly after both her daughter, husband, mother, and father-in-law all passed away in the space of a few years, Sarah Winchester went to see a psychic who told her that she was cursed by the spirits of victims of the Winchester guns that her husbands family had created – and that the only way to keep these spirits at bay was to build her own home; and never, ever stop building. So she did!

She was this insanely wealthy woman who used all her money on building this mansion. It was SO weird – annoyingly photography wasn’t allowed inside the mansion! Some of my favourite quirky parts of the house were:

A door that opened out straight on to an 8-foot drop outside

A room with two cupboards. One opened out in to a brick wall. The other opened out and was actually basically a secret door through to another room

A ‘seance’ room where Sarah Winchester held seances. This room had only one entrance but three exits in the form of secret passageways with handles only on one side

The aforementioned room with a window on the floor, looking down on to what I think was one of the kitchens

It was SO bizarre! I got a couple pictures of the outside, but you really can’t tell how wacky it is from these:



After this, we drove on to our next stop: Monterey Bay. Basically just a small little beach side town! We had dinner and walked along the pier at night:



On to Pismo Beach next!



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