This morning we had planned to go quad-biking on the Pismo sand dunes and then chill out on the beach all day. Erm… Didn’t happen when we left our room without even looking out the window and were greeted outside by tons of mist and chilly weather! How does the weather here change so often so quickly?!

We were at a loss for what to do when Jen decided to use a computer in the lobby to write an e mail for her nursing job. Ten minutes later I get a text telling me we are off to a wine tasting event for free! Turns out the hotel was running the event but had free spaces they could fill. Just a case of the right place at the time!

Before we know it we’re on a bus with a group of Americans heading to two different winery’s! It was a lot of fun, and thank God I actually have a taste for white wine now or the whole thing would have been a nightmare!

Everyone was friendly, it kind of essentially just felt like a meet-and-greet thing or something. Even got a group photo with our drinking buddies!


Turns out another guy there also did journalism at university. Guess what? He’s not using journalism either! Shocker! Well, not full-time. He said now and again he manages to free lance bits and pieces, which sounds interesting.

After about four hours we were dropped back off at our hotel and said bye to everyone!

The rest of the day consisted of a drunken zone-out in our room and a meal at the restaurant over the road. So mad how the weather can completely change your day here!



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