We made it to L.A!!


We’re staying in Santa Monica, near the boardwalk here which is full of rides that we clearly headed straight for!

We went on the Ferris wheel, and damn, check out that tan line on my neck!




After this we had a walk down Venice Beach and looked in the shops around there, before having a lovely rush-hour drive to the Grove. A journey that should have been 20 mins took us just over an hour! Blegh!

We got there and had a look around the fancy shops, and at their small dancing fountain (not a patch on the Bellagio!)


Then we had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory – including a desert of white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake. It was amazing but, yes, I think I’m going to wake up tomorrow morning with 10 spots having a party on my face.


After that we drove back to our hotel for 10pm in order to watch the premier of American Horror Story: Freak Show! We just couldn’t resist, knowing it was on tonight! Absolutely exhausted now though. Today has been such a tiring day filled with so much walking!


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