This morning I had the absolute most stressful drive of trip so far! L.A at 9am – never again!!! I can’t wait to not have to drive around here any more!

On the plus side, we eventually made it to the port where we were getting on a ferry to go and visit Catalina Island – a tiny island off the coast of L.A.

This place was awesome! It was so tiny that to get around the outskirts of the island everyone just rented golf carts to drive around; something we wanted to do but you had to be 25 or older, pfft!!!

So instead we settled for seeing the island by foot.



We had a delicious portion of fish and chips for lunch, but the absolute highlight of our day at Catalina was our decision to go parasailing. 800 feet up in to the air… Yep, my palms were sweaty!!



It was surreal how it felt like you were moving really slowly when you were high up. I kept switching between loving it and having split-second thoughts where I would realise how high we were and my stomach would turn. SO cool though!

We got the ferry back to Long Beach, and headed back to our hotel. Jen pretty much zoned out in the room all night while I went for a walk down to third street promenade, saw some of the street performers and grabbed dinner. That promenade is definitely more interesting and lively at night compared to in the day time!

L.A is definitely knackering me out, my eyes are shutting writing this! Could do with a few days of doing nothing at all!! Zzzz…


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