Busy day! Starting with a trip to the Warner Bros studios for a VIP tour that was so cool! We were taken in a group of twelve around the studios and shown around. Surreal seeing fake towns and houses everywhere:


For example, that street was used in, amongst other things, Cloverfield! I also saw a cabin used in Dexter’s final season!

We saw ‘houses’ that if you knocked on their bricks which looked so real, were actually just lightweight material – it was really interesting! We were also shown the official props from things like the Harry Potter movies and the Batman films, including the costumes worn by the HP cast in the final film and Heath Ledger’s ‘Joker’ costume. On top of this, we were shown the sets of Two and a Half men, the studio where Conan’s talk show is filmed, and we got a picture at the set of none other than… Central Perk from Friends!


As it turns out, Central Perk is so much smaller than it looks on the TV!

After our tour we headed to Hollywood, which immediately brought back memories of New York! People everywhere, costumed characters, leaflets and tours being offered to you constantly… Plenty of stuff to see, including a candy store that had candy portraits of the cast of Orange Is The New Black and this portrait of Eminem made out of M & M’s:


As we were walking out of the walk of fame where all the celebrities stars and hand prints etc are, suddenly we see something a bit more out of the ordinary… A statue of a severed hand, which we realise is promoting the premier of the new season of The Walking Dead, but then around it we see… Zombies! I HAD to get a photo with one!



OK, two photos!

After this we drove up to see the Hollywood sign, but even driving up to an observation point we were still miles away! Great views of Los Angeles though.



Next we drove to Beverly Hills and saw Rodeo Drive. Oh man. I have never felt so poor in my life! I am conscious this is probably the gayest sentence I have typed so far on the blog but: every shop was fancy designers – Chanel, Tom Ford, Hugo Boss, Bvlgari, Gucci, Prada… We laughed knowing that a single mannequin in a window was probably worth more than our entire lives put together! Also have never felt so judged or felt like we looked so poor as when we set foot in the Yves Saint Lauren store.

I totally felt like I was in The Devil Wears Prada. Also, people who had clearly had loads of plastic surgery were everywhere, as were fancy cars like…


Beverly Hills = loaded $$$$$. You get the idea!

We had dinner around Third Street Promenade again and marvelled at just how good the singers busking were. What a long day! Tomorrow we are moving on from L.A to San Diego!


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