This morning, before leaving Los Angeles, we had one last stop… I had to fulfil a dorky desire and visit two of the sets from my favourite TV show!

We drove half an hour and found Buffy’s house, and a few blocks away, Sunnydale High School!



Behold, Sunnydale High, actually known as Torrance High School! I wish our wifi was better, I wanted to find similar shots with the main cast in but loading one image takes me about 3 hours here so you’ll just have to trust me. Here’s Buffy’s house!


We actually walked around the back of the high school and found an open gate, which we wandered in to hoping to find the courtyard from the series… Casual bit of trespassing! We wandered about for a minute but then saw some people in the distance and got too scared about looking like pedo’s wandering around a high school so turned on our heels and left!

After this, we drove on to San Diego and made it to our rubbish hotel – well, nice for everything except the fact the wifi is pretty much as slow as a dial-up connection! We went to Old Town and had a look around the area that was filled with things about the Mexican Day of the Dead. Colours and skeletons everywhere!



The market here was great, filled with fun shops and a band playing music. Aside from this one shop, which was nice, but definitely didn’t have enough wind chimes…


We stuck around Old Town for dinner, where I ordered what I thought was going to be regular chilli con carne but actually got some kind of massive green pepper stuffed with beef and cheese… Mistake! And that’s about it for today!


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