Today we headed to Balboa Park and pretty much spent most of the day time wandering around the place, which was enormous!

Inside, we went in to one of the museums which had exhibits on the Mayans and Egyptians which was pretty interesting… Creepy mummies galore. Apparently some travellers found this beauty in a cave and donated it to the museum:

I know if I found that in a cave, picking it up and giving it to a museum would be the last thing on my mind!

We also went in to an exhibit on ‘torture’ which is exactly what it sounds like! Iron Maidens, guillotines, and everything in between. No photography allowed, not that you’d want to see a lot of the stuff! Let’s just say I’m happy I wasn’t a criminal hundreds of years ago!

Here’s a couple photos from the park:


After wandering around the park and seeing a woman perform on an organ randomly, we headed to downtown San Diego and looked around at a car show going on there, then had dinner at TGI Fridays. As it turns out, TGIs is much better in England!!!

Then we headed to a gig to see a band Jen likes, which was decent enough! Today’s felt like a long day of doing a lot of walking around, I’m looking forward to sleep! On to the zoo tomorrow!


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