Today we headed to the zoo, and as it turns out, even the cutest animals are no match for crowds of annoying kids and humid heat!!

Highlights from our trip include a ride on cable cars over the entire zoo; a sea-lion show where they had Jake the lion doing tricks; a parrot that sang better than I could, and more!

On the other hand, ‘kids go free in October’ was an annoying promotion for us; lots of the animals were sleeping (surprise, surprise!); and sometimes, much like my last visit to Chester Zoo… I found I just felt sorry for quite a few of the animals!

Overall though the zoo was a lot of fun, and my opinion hasn’t changed: tigers, lions, and bears.. Definitely the three coolest animals! (And the ones that were too far away to get decent photos of…)

Here’s a few pictures:



We spent pretty much all of our day here. At night we headed to downtown for dinner, and then went to see Annabelle at the movies. Going to the cinema is becoming a common thing when we can’t think of anything else to do!! At the end of the night we went back to our car in the parking lot and found out 4 hours of parking had cost us $32!!!! Yikes!!!!! Bad times!

One more day left in San Diego – not particularly sure what we’re going to fill that with to be honest but we shall see!


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