I freaking love San Diego!!!!!!

This morning we went to Seaport Village which was dead nice. Really picturesque, it didn’t really feel like we were in San Diego anymore!


We wandered around the village filled with tiny shops with quirky mugs and t-shirts, before doing a boat tour of the area which was great and got us a nice close up view of some sea lions!


We were there most of the day, during which time I also bought a raspberry cupcake which was probably the nicest cupcake I’ve ever had! Fancie has nothing on American cupcakes!

Tonight we decided, after how much fun we had at the Adore Delano gig in Chicago, we would head to ‘Lips’ for dinner – a drag show dinner. OH MY GOSH SO FUNNY!!!!!

We are sat here saying there are literally no words we can type to explain how much fun the night was. It was a pretty small venue with a tiny stage, and about 4/5 drag queens. We got a three course meal and, of course, plenty of cocktails, all while the curtain kept opening for more entertainment. There was lip syncing, comedy acts, dancing, quizzes… And plenty of audience participation. Being British, I should have known we would be picked on often (by ‘we’ I mean ‘me!’)


Yep, that’s me on my first of two imprompt lap dances. I would be sat there eating my dinner and I would suddenly feel my chair get pulled back and everyone start laughing and clapping, haha! Even before sitting at our table we were getting our accents mocked on the microphone. And yes… I even got pulled up on stage!



I have like 50 photos and videos but I think that will do!! Honestly such a good night, and yet, we both know to anyone with a less open mind this just sounds like the absolute weirdest night ever! To be fair, it was! But so hilarious, they all had me almost crying with laughter, it was such a brilliant atmosphere. They called us a taxi at the end of the night and let us stay while they were shutting, so we watched them rehearse for their big weekend night while we waited for our cab!

Wish we were in San Diego a little longer so we could go to another night, but alas, on to Palm Springs tomorrow! Safe to say, I will never forget Lips at San Diego!


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