Ahhhhh finally – we’ve come to some where that is perfect to relax!

We settled in to Palm Springs at about half 3 after a late morning to recover from last night, and a long drive. It’s so nice here, though as one of the drag queens put it last night, “Palm Springs is where Californians go to die” hahaha!

We are right next to a Main Street that is just one big long road of shops and restaurants, though this afternoon we just had a quick look around and then sorted out doing proper laundry for the first time out here, in an actual washing machine! Say WHAT!!!! I’ve never been so excited to have properly clean clothes!!

After that I chilled out by the pool for a bit, in an attempt to prepare myself for the ultimate day of pool-lazing tomorrow!


(Yeah, I took that at like 6pm when I realised I hadn’t taken any photos yet today, so that’s why it’s totally dead and void of sun!)

Now tonight we’ve just had dinner and are continuing a new Wednesday night tradition with the latest episode of American Horror Story!

There’s not much else to say about today, but I want to quickly write about something that happened yesterday morning! So much went on I totally forgot to include this in yesterday’s post:

So on our way to Seaport Village in our car, we come to a stop sign and see the weirdest sight while driving so far! Ever seen those viral videos online of people giving out free hugs? A whole parade of them walked right past our car. Easily 30 people, all carrying huge signs saying free hugs. Funnier still was the fact the leader, some bearded guy in his 30s, comes to a halt in front of our car and just starts hugging it while we are at the stop sign! Haha! We couldn’t stop laughing. On the other hand, how much trust did he put in me to keep the car still?! Clearly I don’t look threatening at all! I would have loved to beep the horn and made him crap himself, but I’m too kind!

I am so excited to do bugger all tomorrow, just listen to music, swim in the pool, and hopefully finally get a less patchy tan!!


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