DAY 46: LA X

As if yesterday’s blog wasn’t boring enough… Today we have done even less!! Literally just drove from Palm Springs back to LA (could tell we were getting back in to the city when the number of cars on the road tripled!) to reach our hotel right next to LA X airport.

There’s nothing around here, we literally spent our day watching TV aside from a little trip out for some dinner! I swear tomorrow it will be back to interesting posts though, as we fly to New Orleans!!

Purely to give me SOMETHING to write about, I thought I’d just make note of my highlights from this trip so far!

I can’t even begin to number my highlights, everything is special in its own way, but things that stand out include:

Lake Tahoe – the fact we went up a snowy mountain amidst all this sunshine will always be a great memory! Snowball fights and hot chocolates – brilliant!

Chicago – dare I say it, my favourite city overall! It had the scale of New York but without all the dirt and homeless people. So much to do, so many great sights, and so many unique experiences like the Adore Delano gig (genuinely think that might be my single best night so far) and being trapped in a room with a zombie. Speaking of which…

Trapped In A Room Games – we’ve done two of these and they were both SO much fun! Being forced to work so closely together with strangers was brilliant and I would 100% recommend these games to every single person I know!

The Heart Attack Grill – this and the Drag Show Dinner from a few nights ago have been the two weirdest dining experiences of my entire life, but Heart Attack Grill stands out slightly more. The sheer weirdness of it all, wearing the patient gown while drinking my shot from a pill bottle… Just such a fun meal even if it was disgustingly unhealthy!

My phone’s adventure without me – my biggest piece of luck so far, this just makes me laugh every time I think about it. My phone had its own little adventure in San Francisco for about 15 hours without me!!

Times Scare – crapping myself and running away screaming from a chainsaw-wielding little girl with two strangers. Need I say more?

I’ve realised writing this I could easily write like 20 more so I’m just going to stop myself here before this post is a billion pages of stuff that I’ve already written about!

Tomorrow morning we’re dropping our car off (that is disgustingly dirty) and catching a 12:45 flight to New Orleans! Goodbye west coast!

PS. I realised I’m flying from LA X. Remember LOST? That’s where they flew from… No way am I getting on the plane if it’s an Oceanic one!!


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