I can’t believe I am writing ANOTHER blog where not much has happened, but this time blame it all on a four hour flight in the middle of the day followed by jumping forward in time 2 hours because of the time difference! This lead to us eventually finally making it to our New Orleans hotel at about 8pm!

To make matters worse, tonight we had dinner at about 9:30pm. Wanna know what I had eaten up until that point? A breakfast buffet at LA X which was rubbish, and a pot of Pringles on the plane! Safe to say I was one hangry dude (hunger + anger = hanger) and absolutely everyone was doing my head in as we searched for somewhere to eat!

Eventually we found somewhere to eat and had a few drinks to wind down from a stressful evening, after which we had a quick look around New Orleans French Quarters. ERM…


How creepy is that?!?! There was also a park filled with eerie wild cats sat watching everyone, and all the way around it, tables filled with people doing palm readings, tarot card readings, and tea leaf psychic readings. I came SO close to getting one done but you just couldn’t tell who was more shoddy (I know it’s all a load of tosh, but still!) so we decided to wait until tomorrow day time where we’ve read good reviews about a tarot card reading shop nearby.

We walked up the French quarter until we came to a party street and pretty much felt like we were in Magaluf! Drunk people EVERYWHERE, people wasted on balconys, and bead necklaces being thrown about all over the place! We might have been tempted to join in on the festivities if if wasn’t so disgusting – the smell of sewage was everywhere and everyone was beyond wasted. We said it just showed us we couldn’t handle a holiday to somewhere like Magaluf! Gross!

We headed back to our hotel at about midnight and, come on, look at this photo and tell me someone wasn’t murdered in this room:


Trust me, it’s worse in person! I’m looking forward to seeing what New Orleans is like in the day time and actually having something proper to do and see for the first time in a few days of relaxing and heavy travelling! That is, if I don’t wake up in the morning possessed by a ghost or something!


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