Today our tiredness finally caught up with us, as we were woken up by the cleaners knocking on the door at half 10! Whoops! We grabbed breakfast/brunch and walked to the French Quarter, where we walked past the Bottom Of The Cup Tea Room and I decided to get my fortune told!

Ok, now I KNOW no one can tell the future, and it’s all coincidence, but boy was this fun! I was taken in to a small room behind a curtain by Letty, this old woman who totally looked like she could curse me, and the whole reading lasted about 15 minutes. Where to start…

First of all, I have a tarot card deck at home which we just use for fun, but in the weeks leading up to America we kept pulling out a card that we said would be the card that symbolised this whole trip… And what kept scaring us was that FOUR times in a row, out of 78 cards, we drew the Devil!!! We did it for roughly four weeks, once a week, and I absolutely swear, EVERY time it was the Devil – except the fifth and final time, but more on that later.

So at the start of my reading here, Letty gives me the tarot deck and asks me to shuffle them and cut them in to three piles, then choose one pile, and that’s the one we used. Imagine my thoughts when the very first card that is turned over is… The Devil!!!!!! I burst out laughing and I think she could hear a little bit of dread in my voice, as she re-assured me it’s not always a bad card and said it has some other meanings…

THEN the weirdness continued with the second card I picked. Again, context: the morning we left for America, I said right, I’m going to draw out one final card, and this is my card for the trip (I think I was trying to tell myself that any other card would be better than the Devil!) so I picked out…


And what card comes up in my reading straight after the Devil? Yep, The Magician! Come on, that’s pretty cool!!!

Throughout this reading, yeah, she did ramble on about some things that were either totally generic or just didn’t make any sense (like, what do I care what some card means about my ‘aura!’)

But there were two things that were pretty cool! First of all I kept on getting cards in the pentacles suit, which is to do with money, and on the final card in that row, I get a card that shows a guy picking from a tree filled with pentacles. She basically said I shouldn’t have too many money troubles in life, but then asked me if I’d started playing the lottery recently (Gary, Mark, Lee!) and said to carry on! Ha!

The other thing was even more creepy and made me burst out laughing with how spot-on she was, but I don’t want to put it on here haha – sorry family!!

Overall it was a lot of fun, and at the end of it she even gave me a CD that she had recorded the reading on so I can listen to it again when I get home!

PHEW that was an essay. Anyway, New Orleans is full of cool buildings:



And it’s also full of artists on the street, and people playing jazz music everywhere! But it’s also such a dirty city in a lot of places, it’s unlike any of the other cities we’ve been to!

We went and had a snack at some place called cafe du monde, that only served these French donuts that it must have been famous for as the lines were insane. Erm…


Hello heart attack on a plate!!! They were WAY too unhealthy tasting for my liking, I only had a couple and shook most of the powdered sugar off!

Afterwards we paid a visit to the house of Madame LaLaurie, supposedly the most haunted house in New Orleans. We already knew about her from last season of American Horror Story, unfortunately the house doesn’t offer tours anymore for some reason, so all we could get was this picture of a bit from the outside that they had decorated!


Basically she was a horrible woman who kept loads of slaves and killed a lot of them, I think we’re doing a walking tour tomorrow that should tell us more about her story! For now we just liked realising we were on the set of AHS!

Eventually, we went to an Italian and had dinner, where I had a starter and my first ever calzone that was MASSIVE. You know when you really want a desert but know that if one more inch of food gets put in your body you will throw up everywhere? I pretty much felt like that!

Rolled back to our hotel room feeling about 30 stone, and now it’s bed time! Pretty good day!


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