This morning we got up and headed straight for a tour of one of New Orlean’s cemeteries after breakfast! We arrived at St Louis’ Cemetery No. 1, and this was actually such an interesting tour!

I never new New Orleans was built over swamp land before! All stone in the city has been imported in, and they’ve constantly had struggles with burying their dead because of this – the land underneath is constantly shifting, this cemetery was so uneven it was crazy – our tour guide kept describing it as New Orleans being built on jello!

Our first stop was at the tomb of the most famous Voodoo Priestess, Marie Laveau!


We already knew quite a bit about her from her fictional counterpart in American Horror Story: Coven, but it was cool to know so much of her story was true – she really did own a hair salon and use it to get new clients for the voodoo side of her business! People came and left offerings at the tomb for good luck, and if you look around it, you can see there are lots of little ‘XXX’ marks. The tomb was being repaired when we went and had been freshly cleaned not too long ago, apparently it was absolutely covered in X’s before. The superstition being that if you mark three X’s on her tomb, it’s lucky.

We also saw Nicholas Cage’s tomb which he has already bought for himself! What on earth!!


See the lipstick marks? Another lucky thing. He has a thing for New Orleans apparantly – at one time he owned Madame LaLaurie’s mansion (and two other properties in NO still to this day) but shortly after buying it he ran in to major money problems. Some people reckon he just didn’t like the reality of owning the most haunted house in the city! He bought it for 5 million dollars and sold it not long after for just 2 million dollars. Bad times!

Anyway, after our tour we headed to the Garden District and paid a visit to another set from AHS: Coven – ‘Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies’



Sadly, again it was a private property so we couldn’t have a proper look, but still cool to see it nonetheless!

We headed back to our hotel for a rest, then had dinner at Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Factory, followed by one last thing in New Orleans… Another psychic reading! Except we did this one in the middle of the tourist square, not like our quirky little shop on the outskirts we found the other day. What a load of rubbish this woman was!! She pretty much said absolutely nothing for 5 minutes and was so, so vague, it was like reading your horoscope in the newspaper! If anything, it made me like my first reading more because she was so much more specific, not to mention accurate!

That’s it for New Orleans. We have an annoyingly timed flight to Miami tomorrow meaning we won’t arrive until almost 7pm, which is a bit annoying – another day of mostly travelling! But it’s the last flight before home, and this means there’s just two weeks left of our trip now! Eek!!!


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