Today’s day time felt pretty wasted as we spent most of it hanging around waiting for our flight! But eventually, at 6:45pm, we got in to Miami, and it looked SO cool from up in the air!!





We didn’t actually make it to our hotel until about 8pm, and jeez, is this hotel different to any other we have been in. We’re sharing our room with six other people (three of whom we’ve seen so far), our stuff is in lockers, thankfully we have two ensuites in the room so it’s not like in New York where we were showering around strangers – but still, weird!!!

So far it seems like people just keep themselves to themselves really though, so fingers crossed it seems manageable, though we’ll see what on earth tonight is like!! Here’s our room:


It might not be awful, but so happy we are only here for two nights!!! Can’t deal with sharing a bedroom with strangers!

We went out for dinner and had a quick look around, but it’s so difficult to do that when it’s already dark, so any sight seeing will wait until tomorrow!

We’re also doing a tour of the Everglades tomorrow morning at 9am, meaning we’re up at 7:30 to get ready and have breakfast beforehand… Hope the other people in this room don’t plan on sleeping in!

This is totally going to be my weirdest sleep in America so far, I’m sure! Everyone reading this cross your fingers that I am not sharing a room with any total freaks!! (Thankfully I’m on top bunk; meaning if anyone wants to get me, they can go through Jen first. Woohoo!!!)


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