I have to start this post by saying… 51 days?! WHAT?! I can not believe I have been out here for over 50 days!

This morning we went to the Everglades, and although sadly I did not stumble across Dexter’s secret little cabin, I did see plenty of alligators!


Our tour started with an airboat ride through the swamps of the Everglades, where within the first few minutes we found that little croc chilling out!

We saw quite a few, including some baby crocs which were too small to show up properly on camera! And saw some birds native to the Everglades that were absolutely enormous! We also had a ten minute section of speeding around the swamp with the fan on full blast which was loads of fun!

Next, we were taken to see an alligator show…


A guide showed us baby crocodiles, disgustingly big toads (they were bigger than two of my fists put together… I swear looking at it made me feel sick) and showed us a demonstration on alligator wrestling!

After this, I got these photos taken:



Turns out alligators are not hard and scaley at all, this little dude felt more like a snake! We also ate alligator tail after this (not the same croc in the photo, I swear!) – turns out it tastes kind of like chicken!

Then, our tour was done… Sort of! When we got dropped off, another driver said that a city tour had loads of empty spaces so if we wanted to hop on for free, we could. Why not!

The tour was pretty cool (mostly thanks to a hilarious driver!) and we got some good sights of Miami’s cityscape:




Pretty nice city eh! Although the weather is kind of disgusting, it’s like constantly just coming out of the shower. There is SO much humidity in the air, you feel disgusting within a few minutes outside! And then tonight it pretty much rained all night, yet was still really hot. Irritating weather!

Oh, also: the hostel isn’t too bad at all! Aside from a noisy pub right next to us, the room is fine and everyone DID seem to keep themselves to themselves. As I type this, Jen is being talked to death by a drunk Sweden dude and his friend, hahaha! But they’re friendly!

Our only full day in Miami has gone pretty quickly, I think before we leave in the car tomorrow we’ll stick around for a bit to see the beaches and a little bit more – hopefully with sunnier weather although I’m not sure the chances of that are too high!


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