Again, this has been an in-between-day. We left Miami in the late afternoon after an amazing breakfast and a quick trip to see a Miami beach… Which would have been more impressive had the weather been better:


The weather just got WORSE as the day went on. We picked up our final car and as we left, the weather turned in to this…

And then this…

It absolutely poured it down! And yet, was still boiling hot. Not a good combo!

The drive took us around three hours, and by the time we got to Islamorada we pretty much just checked in and grabbed dinner. There’s nothing really around here – this is more of a halfway point to our real destination which we are heading to tomorrow, Key West. Here, check out the map; the blue dot is where we are for the night!

Slightly apprehensive about what tomorrow will hold, as Key West is in the middle of its biggest festival of the year, Fantasy Fest. We overheard people at dinner saying that the crowds made it a nightmare, uh oh! We’ll see! What’s the betting it rains all day?!


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