Today we may have been expecting rain all day but, aside from a bit of cloud, it was nice and dry! Hooray! The one and a half hour drive to Key West was pretty awesome, driving along with the ocean either side of us – but also terrifying when you thought about falling off the bridge that was literally maybe a foot above the water!

We arrived not really knowing what to expect. Erm, I don’t even know how to describe Fantasy Fest! Except maybe ‘Freshers Week But With Lots More Old People’

It was one huge street that was filled with food and drink stalls, bars, music, dancing in the street, etc… But with a lot of ridiculous and risqué costumes. I’m just going to let some photos speak for themselves:




Oh, and cats in buggies. Because that’s not weird at all!


Just a very surreal festival! We kept saying no one cared at all about what people were (or weren’t) wearing, and some of the costumes were just hilarious – like seeing a couple in their 60s walking by holding hands whilst dressed as a nun and the devil.

There was also this moment, which we stayed to watch for ages…


Video shows what’s going on here much better! So this poor guy and a few of his colleagues were trying to protest the fantasy festival with a giant cross and a microphone yelling out quotes from the bible. A crowd quickly formed around him as the bars on either side of the street countered the protests by turning up their music, setting up a stage, and getting guys in their underwear up on them dancing and throwing out mardi-gras beads to everyone on the street (yes, I managed to get a few!)

Eventually people in the street started just dancing around the protestor and screaming so loudly to drown him out, you couldn’t even hear him, he was fighting such a losing battle for half an hour (and longer, because we got bored eventually of watching him struggle to be heard over the masses!)

We had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe on a balcony overlooking the festival which was cool, followed by a late drive home! I wish we had actually been staying in Key West, or not driven, so we could have gotten drunk and joined in more with the festivities, but witnessing it will have to do!!

Let’s keep hoping that the weather stays dry, yeah?!


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