Today we left Islamorada and had a painfully long three-hour-drive to Naples! Made worse by a few accidental detours when taking wrong exits on freeways!

We eventually made it to Naples just before 3pm, and geez, how weird does Google Maps look around here?!


Random bits of water everywhere! We took a drive down to 5th Street Avenue, which seemed to be the Main Street in Naples. There were Sims-style fancy looking houses all around here!

The same can be said for our visit to Landings Park – this place looks like it would be an expensive area to live!


Whilst wandering around the town we grabbed some frozen yoghurt, and oh gosh – when I think of the things I will miss from America, frozen yoghurt is definitely on the list!! It’s so much better over here! The places have like 20 different flavours of the yoghurt itself, and give you little cups so you can try all the flavours you’re interested in before you buy… And then you put your toppings on yourself, I wish they had this in the UK!

Anyway, we had a bit more of a look around and snapped this photo…


..Before heading back to our hotel! For dinner, we went to the Cheesecake Factory for a second time (that’s another place I will miss when we go back to the UK!) and absolutely stuffed our faces until we felt sick!!

Tomorrow it’s on to St Petersburg. Not gonna lie, since buying Universal Studios tickets I am just SO excited to go there on the 30th that I am finding myself sort of wishing these next few days away; which I really hate myself for doing!! Oh well!


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