I apologise in advance for a dull post!! Today we had a great breakfast in Naples and spotted some kind of happiness-bus filled with slogans and stuff that I grabbed a quick snap of!


After breakfast it was time to drive up the West coast of Florida to St Petersburg.

Our latest rental car is definitely my favourite, and I actually love just putting on a playlist and driving along the Highways without having to really focus… As Mum says, ‘pootling along’! I’ll miss driving like this!

St Petersburg reminds me of Pismo Beach or Palm Springs. As in, it just seems like a place people come to relax! I didn’t think I had enough photos of beaches yet so…

We sat on the beach for a little bit and had our interest piqued by jet ski rentals (hopefully doing that tomorrow!)

We wiled the day away on the beach and wandering to a CVS to buy a carry-on bag for the little things we have picked up along the trip, as well as being aware that we will be buying things in Orlando! Aren’t we prepared!

At night we went and had dinner at somewhere AMAZING. One of my favourite meals in America – but I am ashamed to say… It was a British meal! Haha! An independent restaurant run by some British woman, I had roast beef for dinner and apple crumble & custard for desert. SO DELICIOUS!!!! I think we’re heading back there again tomorrow because it was so good and there was about 30 other things on the menu that we wanted to try!

We came back to our hotel where there was a wedding reception going on right outside our room…

Seems like this hotel often caters for weddings from what we can gather! I guess St Petersburg may be a popular wedding destination!

Time to sleep now. Aside from the jet skiing, I think tomorrow will be a day similar to Palm Springs – topping up the tan and chilling in the pool! Gotta make the most of this weather before returning to England!!


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