Today we had a major lay-in and, after a late breakfast, decided to head to St. Pete beach and go jet skiing!!

Before being allowed to do so, we had to sit a multiple choice test after reading through a safety booklet and are now apparently officially licensed Jet Ski riders in the state of Florida for the next 12 months! Ha!

After the test, we headed to the water!!

Obviously we left our phones/cameras back at the hotel so unfortunately didn’t get any photos. So this is what we were riding…


We shared one jet ski for half an hour, and Jen drove first. It was pretty awesome speeding out in to the ocean, but within five minutes we absolutely crapped ourselves!!!! Suddenly, right next to us, what do we see come out of the water but a grey fin! Jen lets go of the throttle so we slow down, and we are both screaming half in excitement and half in fear because part of us thought it was a shark hahaha. Suddenly out of the water right next to us, out pops a dolphin! It was so close it was unbelievable, and it stayed out of the water for ages!

I’d love to say we stayed calm and took in this nice moment, but instead we pretty much freaked out and I remember yelling at Jen, “JEN DRIVE!!!!! GET AWAY FROM IT!!! GO!!!” Hahahaha, it was so close that I thought it was going to jump up on to the jet ski! So we turned around and said goodbye to the dolphin!

After 15 minutes it was my turn – DAMN driving a jet ski is so so so much fun!!!!! It was so easy, and the sea was so empty we could really relax and have fun with it. Speeding along the ocean at 70mph screaming at the top of your lungs – brilliant!!! Honestly it was definitely one of the best activities I’ve done on this trip. There was less thoughts of “oh-God-I’m-terrified” like I had intermittently with parasailing, and just more thoughts of, “this-is-too-fun-how-much-would-my-own-jet-ski-cost?”

After this, we headed back to our hotel and spent the rest of the day relaxing by the pool! At night we wanted to go to the delicious place we found last night, but after walking all the way there we found out it is closed on Mondays! Are you kidding me!!!! Heartbroken I didn’t get to eat that Apple crumble desert again. I will be craving it all night now!

We’re leaving St Petersburg tomorrow, I’ll definitely remember it mainly for the jet skiing!

PS… Pretty sure I left my earphones by the pool today. NOOOO! Cross your fingers for me that I find them tomorrow, or recover them asking the pool-towel guy tomorrow morning if he found any!


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