This blog is going to end on a very sour note…..

Anyway today we went to Busch Gardens on our way to St Augustine. This is like America’s equivalent of Alton Towers, and even though I’m not much of a ride person, entry was included with our tickets for Discovery Cove, so we figured we may as well visit as it was free!


We went on all sorts of roller coasters and log flumes, and there were animals all around the park too


And before leaving we saw an ice skating show which was pretty incredible really!

Then for dinner on our drive to St Augustine we went to Outback Steakhouse, finally, and ahh, what a delicious meal!!

Anyway if this blog seems rushed it is because all the while typing this I am just thinking of what’s happened in the last 20 minutes! So we pull up at the hotel and I open the glove box… Where is my credit card??????

In Busch Gardens I left my wallet in the car and only took some cash, my ID, and my credit card in my pocket to keep my pockets light and not have my wallet get in the way on rides.

When we got back in the car to leave, I grabbed everything out of my pocket and shoved it all in the glove box, so it’s only just now as we have pulled up to the hotel that I’ve realised my credit card is missing… WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!!!

Actually losing the credit card itself isn’t the worst thing in the world – I can cancel it and still pay off the balance, blah blah… Literally the thing that is terrifying me right now is that just a few days ago, we bought our Universal Studios tickets on that card. $440 each for three full days at the parks, our most expensive purchase and something we have been looking forward to all holiday – and what do I remember the woman on the phone saying as I purchased? “You need this card you’re paying with and your confirmation number (which I have!) to redeem your tickets when you arrive.”

Bloody hell. First phone call I make tomorrow is going to be to Universal and I am absolutely praying that there is a way around that. Please please please. We have both said, no way can we afford to buy those tickets all over again! Who knows what on earth we will do if they say that we absolutely need the card I paid on. HOPEFULLY there will be something they can do though. I am not going to sleep at all tonight 😦 Busch Gardens doesn’t open until 11, but I’ll ring them after Universal and see if they’ve found my card. Otherwise I’ll be going online and cancelling it I guess. How typical that the very end of the trip is when something goes wrong like this…



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