I’m going to start this post with a little more on yesterday because I rushed it so much!!

So Busch Gardens was filled with some terrifying rides, I managed to brave a roller coaster called Cheetah Hunt that took us around at the speed of a cheetah and included full 360 loops and periods where you were going along upside down… Vom!!!!

My favourite rides there were definitely the log flumes, even if we did get soaked. That being said, it just further backed up my theory that theme parks aren’t my kind of thing – except Universal, because that is basically a geeks theme park haha! But when rides aren’t themed around something fun and are just roller coasters for the pure sake of scaring you, it definitely isn’t something I’m too bothered about!

We spent our entire day at Busch Gardens and didn’t leave until gone 6pm… Forgetting that the drive to St Augustine was three hours long! Including a stop off for dinner, we didn’t get to our hotel until 11pm! We drove there on some terrifying roads that were like something out of a horror film!

Realising my credit card was gone at 11pm was not a good end to the night!

So anyway this morning I phoned Universal and found out getting our tickets wouldn’t be an issue, and I phoned Busch Gardens and…. The lost and found had my credit card!!! That’s twice on this holiday now I’ve lost things and had them found!! Phew!

After much consideration though, rather than a three hour drive back, I told them to shred the card and am getting it cancelled! Disaster (hopefully) averted!

We finally got going after all these phone calls and explored St Augustine, which had some pretty nice views!



The sea here is crazy warm, and I swear we must have walked over 5 miles today in ridiculous heat – speaking of which, three Americans over the last 24 hours have told me I have ‘nice colour!’ I’m not sure if that is code for ‘you look burnt as hell’, but I’m taking it as a compliment!!! I have a tan line on my neck that is like looking at a cup of coffee beside a cup of milk!

Tomorrow morning we are dropping off our final rental car and going to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS!!!! Woooooo!!!!!! Our waiter a few days ago AND our hotel receptionist yesterday have both asked us if we are going to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal and said it is absolutely incredible. I can’t wait to see how Americans handle halloween!!! I feel like one of those little 6 year old kids you see in adverts for Disney Land who are so excited they’re going crazy!! Bring it on!


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