Heads up, this is going to be one rushed blog, as today we woke up at 7am and it is now 12:30, today has been non stop!!

We drove down to Orlando and couldn’t even keep track of what was going on ourselves. In the space of twenty minutes we had dropped our car off, gotten a taxi, checked in to the Hard Rock Hotel, and boarded a water taxi to universal studios. We got on this taxi and just said “…what has just happened??” Haha!

Speaking of our hotel first though, oh my god, the Hard Rock is incredible!!!! You know your hotel is massive when they have to give you a map when you arrive. It’s all themed out in the lobby for Halloween, and is just SO fancy. These are our comfiest beds yet!!

Also included in our room key are express passes for Universal. We can’t believe how great these are. Wait times for most of the rides were like an hour or so, and with our express pass we would get on each ride in about ten minutes flat! They were amazing! Best little bonus to have!

Today we managed to do Universal Studios but didn’t even look at Islands of Adventure.


Springfield was absolutely incredible! But so weird walking by life size, real versions of Moe’s Tavern and the Kwik E Mart. Our favourite rides today were probably the Simpsons ride, the Transformers one, and the Mummy, which is just such a fun in door roller coaster! Though who am I kidding, ALL the rides are great!! The special effects are awesome!!!!


Anyway, we spent all day at Universal right up until 5pm, when we left to quickly check in to our room that hadn’t been ready when we arrived so early… THEN, it was time to go to Halloween Horror Nights. Oh. My. God.


I couldn’t believe this was the same park we had been in earlier in the day!!! It was bloody incredible, and terrifying!

There are eight haunted houses, five of which we managed to do tonight (long wait times, sadly our express passes don’t work at night!). But the coolest part of HHN is just the streets of the park itself. Like in the photo above.

The whole park is split in to ‘scare zones’. Down one street, you have the sirens from The Purge blaring, and youths in hoodies charging at you with bats, fake guns, even chainsaws… Turn a corner and you’re in a voodoo zone where, if you’re unlucky like me, you are chased down the street by two massive voodoo men chanting gibberish at you and waving voodoo wands around as you run away!! Then turn another corner and you’re in an area filled with people with sacks over their heads running up to you with fake knives scaring the crap out of you!!! It’s SO scary but SO much fun at the same time.

We got in to the spirit of it and got our faces painted…



We also saw a live performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show songs, which was absolutely surreal, but probably went over our heads as we’ve never seen the film! I kind of want to see it now though!



HHN, and Universal as a whole, is absolutely awesome!! But today has been by far our busiest day. I wish I could type more. I also wish I had gotten more decent photos, especially at HHN, but they all came out blurry because I was constantly afraid of someone making me jump! Most of all, I wish I could sleep for longer – the alarm is on for 6am tomorrow to get in to the park as early as possible and get to Harry Potter World first!! The soles of my feet are currently burning with the force of a thousand suns.

Sure I’ve missed out absolutely LOADS from today! But good night!!! Zzzzz….


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